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Grischa Thomas W. Eichfuss - Who I am

I (born 1968) studied philosophy and sociology in Heidelberg. All my life I think about ethics and the meaning of life. This process was triggered by my difficult personal fate: I have suffered from an incurable muscle disease since I was 5 years old. Today I am dependent on outside help around the clock and have to wear a ventilation mask.


Nobody - including myself - would have bet even 1 damn on me 30-40 years ago. How often have I been devastated over the years, simply not knowing how to continue. My wishes, my hopes and my longings burst a thousand times, again and again the feeling of failing in the world. Loneliness, depression and despair have been my companions for decades. What I experienced was often a dance on the razor blade. On the edge of what a human can endure.


Nevertheless, something wonderful happened to me: In the end, it wasn't my own suffering that made me bitter, but mineHeart wide open to the fate of the world's weak and suffering. I have freed myself from anger, pain and powerlessness inside. Now I want to use my enormous strength and energy to make the world a good place for all living beings again. First I saved myself - Now I want to save the world.

My books deal with ethics, metaphysics and justice. My philosophy demands equality between humans, animals and nature. I describe myself as a holistic humanist.

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