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Help save the world!

Help make the world fairer, more ecological and more sustainable
close yourself ourspolitical goals

We finally want to make the world a make a good place for all living beings!


Become a free member*, receive our regular newsletter**. Ttell us how you want to help. Just our membersfill out form.
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Kan ideology
Every support is welcome. Awayhe in the heat of the moment for a good cause, we sometimes forgetl that many people  see the world with different eyes. When you meet people who think differently 100% ttolerant. Rrespects iyour beliefs, tooif he doesn't share it.

We convince our fellow human beings through words and actions how we want to save the world. Anyone who likes our initiative joins usVoluntarilyat.

We see it like this:"Save the world - join us" doesn't want to tell anyone how to live. We don't have the right to do that and it would be presumptuous. "Save the world - macht mit" wants to be a role model and people to think about bwrestle - We wollen persuade not persuade.

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