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Cosmology of Dignity - Peaceful Solutions to Save the World

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The end of climate change, poverty and war

This is a book of peace. A book of reconciliation and justice, a book that should unite the world.

The author develops an ethical model of the future that is already capable of solving the following problems:

- climate change

- destruction of nature
- Poverty
- War and violence
- Social inequality
- migration

Today it is actually clear to everyone that the world is in a deep crisis. It is a material crisis, but also a crisis of meaning. A crisis of violence and ethics. Our world is upside down. Global A prevails
o'clock, the world is out of joint. Actual solutions to the global problems of global warming, environmental destruction, poverty, inequality, war and violence are not in sight.

In his work, Grischa Thomas W. Eichfuss shows practical solutions how our country and the whole world can become a good and just place for everyone. He introduces us to a holistic, benevolent and life-affirming philosophical approach in which all creatures have equal value.


About Grischa Thomas W. Eichfuss
Countless guides for a better future are published every year. So why should you?
read one?

The answer lies in the person of the author. Grischa Thomas W. Eichfuss has suffered from incurable, progressive Duchenne muscular dystrophy since his earliest childhood. The disease has now progressed to the point where he requires round-the-clock care and a ventilator. Suffering, illness, death and inner despair accompanied him for many decades of his life. However, all these strokes of fate did not lead to resignation and bitterness in him, but on the contrary to a very special, indeed amazing understanding of life and all living beings in this world.


He owes this ability to his strong personality and willpower. His inner liberation from anger and despair released enormous energies in him, which he now uses for the benefit of mankind and nature.


His motto is: First I saved myself - now I'm saving the world.

The philosopher Grischa Thomas W. Eichfuss

His theme is ethics, his guiding principle is goodness, humanism. this one

the author extends to all living beings and the entire universe.

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