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"Poverty is the worst form of violence"

momhatma ghandi 

Grischa Eichfuss​

Philosopher & environmental activist​

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poverty tax

living in abject poverty

For more than three billion people, our world is a place where they have to fight for their daily survival, while North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia mostly live in Cockaigne - this contradicts the basic cosmological principle of equality and unity.


Without correcting this imbalance, peace is not possible. Because the rich want to stay rich. They achieve this goal by using violence. The poor suffer from inequality and are willing to do anything to change this situation. They don't shy away from violence. This is understandable, but does not allow for peace

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Eradicate Global Poverty

The UN and its organization are doing an excellent job of alleviating the suffering of the poor. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the thousands of helpers who have been on the road in selfless humanitarian action for decades to fight for a life in dignity for the poorest. My utmost respect! Relatively speaking, the UN has done great things. It got better. Really. Relative. In fact, “less catastrophic” would be more accurate if we compare it to life in the West. The UN was presented with a rusty, dilapidated bucket with a thousand holes. Over time, more and more gaps are plugged, but holes that have already been plugged open up again, new ones appear, are plugged again, and so on. A Sisyphus task that will never end - the chance of closing all the holes one day is almost zero.







Global conditions are by and large still the same as they were since colonization. The differences between sub-Saharan and the West are significant. It's like we live on 2 planets. It is already normal for us that almost half of all people are poor, while the rest wallows in luxury.


With that you can and want toSave the world - join usnot resign


This order seems set in stone, as all attempts to permanently overcome extreme social inequality have failed to date.


"Massive poverty and shameless inequality are such a terrible scourge of our time that that they must be considered a social evil alongside slavery and apartheid.It is man-made, and it can be overcome and eradicated by man's actions."


"Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice, the right to dignity and a dignified life."

Nelson Mandela during his ”Make poverty history” speech on February 3, 2005 in Trafalger Square, London

Poor tax: The concept of eradicating poverty

The 60 richest countries donate part of their net national income (NNI)

The amount of the poverty tax depends on the per capita NNI of the economies

1st episode

US$ 489 billion are available to the 3.2 billion poor every month


Each country transfers the amount to the UN in monthly installments

2nd episode

The African economy is thriving as purchasing power increases massively

50% of our wealth is stolen because 100 billion animals and plants are killed every year

The UN pays each of the 3.2 billion poor $150 a month 

3rd episode

US$ 5 billion flow into UNO funds and are held back for acute catastrophes

50% of our wealth is stolen because western countries exploited and plundered their colonies 

The remaining states donate between 2.3% and 4.4% of their NNI

20 countries

The poor receive a personal cashless cash transfer to their mobile phones. 

4th episode

The number of poor will drop to 179,000 people. This effectively ends poverty!

50% of our wealth is stolen because millions of people were enslaved and died as a result

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