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"We could end climate change in 5 minutes by shutting down all CO2 power plants - we wouldn't need any energy. So let's save it - until we can!"
Grischa Thomas W. Eichfuss

Grischa Eichfuss​

Philosopher & environmental activist​

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save energy

The Paris climate agreement does not provide for energy savings that can immediately save 30% CO2 . 

We must conserve energy in all   non-essential areas by reducing or banning them. Each area must present a savings concept.

New energies and green hydrogen must be intensively expanded worldwide. More money must be invested in the billions.

From 2080 we have infinite,   and carbon-freeenergy available. Until then, we have to persevere through savings, CDR and waivers

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Save energy - reduce CO2 by changing your lifestyle

Up until the Ukraine war, only limited energy was saved, as this would have meant a change in western lifestyle. Due to the enormous prosperity and stable democracy, people in the West are used to being able to do whatever they want, anytime, anywhere. People associate their personal freedom with this attitude towards life.


Strict austerity measures lead to certain restrictions, which people perceive as a curtailment of their freedom. But this lifestyle is only possible because the West massively exploits and destroys nature. One consequence of this was excessive CO2 emissions. In this respect, the cause of climate change lies in the energy and consumption-intensive lifestyle. Although people are intellectually aware of this connection, today's limitations to achieve instantaneous carbon emissions through energy saving would be met with incomprehension.

But it requires the insight that ending climate change will not work without personal sacrifice. Politicians want us to believe that we can go on living as we have up until now. The technology is simply exchanged. This is a lie that politicians spread in order to get re-elected as the awkward truth will not please people.

This is also the reason why neither the climate agreement nor western politics implemented consistent energy saving before the Ukraine war.

What needs to be done to save energy

Energie unnötig

Saving energy helps faster than converting to a carbon-free economy and infrastructure


Although every gram of carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere for centuries, the climate agreement did not decide to massively reduce global energy consumption immediately. This would have resulted in a 30% reduction in carbon emissions in a short period of time​.

I make the following demands:

  1. Global carbon tax

  2. Worldwide night flight ban between 0h and 6h

  3. Worldwide car driving ban between 0h and 6h

  4. Global ban on neon signs at night

  5. Electricity and water rationing between 0h and 6h

  6. Car-free Sundays

  7. Globally funded mega solar parks in the deserts (Sahara, Mojave, Rub-al-Khali, Australian sand deserts)

​Stopping climate change will not work without personal sacrifice and restrictions. Without giving up our consumption-oriented lifestyle, the human species will perish.

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Bazooka against climate change


The federal budget for 2023 provides only 14.5 billion euros for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (3.06%), while 50 billion will flow into the Ministry of Defense for armaments (10.52%). Even the budget of the Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport is twice as high as for climate protection at 35 billion (7.47%).

The Ministry for Climate Protection is ranked 8th in terms of funding.


I make the following demands

  • 100 billion special funds for climate protection and the expansion of renewable energy

  • Climate protection must always come at least second in future federal budgets .

  • Dlike Bundesverfassungsgericht  says that emissions must be reduced before 2030, otherwise the consequences would take away "practically any freedom protected by fundamental rights" from citizens. [Press Release BVG No. 31/2021 of April 29, 2021].

  • Since saving energy reduces CO2, it is constitutionally necessary to do so.

As much money must be made available as in the corona pandemic in order to master this  crisis

Image by Jason Leung
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Prohibition of motorsports, private planes, electricity rationing at night


The more unnecessary energy is saved, the more coal, gas and oil power plants can be shut down.

I make the following demands

  1. Rationing of electricity and water between 0h - 6h

  2. Night driving ban between 0h-6h

  3. Personal CO2 limit for holiday flights

  4. Prohibition of private planes, e-spot motor and parachuting sports, fairgrounds, sports on artificial snow or artificial ice

  5. Ban on the production of luxury items (yachts, sports cars, limousines)

  6. Reducing the ice cream, tobacco, alcohol, meat and textile industries

  7. Discos, clubs, stage concerts, indoor pools only on weekends

  8. Organizers of all  leisure and sporting events must submit an energy plan.

The restrictions apply until the point at which our societies have become carbon neutral in the middle or late 21st century.














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Nuclear fusion is our salvation from the energy crisis


In a few decades, cheap, infinite and greenhouse gas-free energy will be available to us: plasma energy from fusion power plants.

What is it and what is behind it?

  • Making the energy source of the sun and stars usable on earth: fusion power plants should generate energy from the fusion of atomic nuclei.

  • Under terrestrial conditions, this is most easily achieved with the two types of hydrogen, deuterium and tritium. They fuse into helium, releasing neutrons and large amounts of energy:

  • One gram of fuel could release 90,000 kilowatt hours of energy in a power plant-heat of 11 tons of coal.

  • The basic materials required for the fusion process - deuterium and lithium, from which tritium is produced in the power plant - are available in almost inexhaustible quantities all over the world.

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