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My moral-ethical natural philosophy is based on the dignity, unity and equality of all living beings. This includes both animate and inanimate nature. My books deal with ethics, metaphysics and justice. Ich  would describe myself as a universal humanist trying to make the world fairer and happier.


my philosophy
"Cosmology of Dignity"

The cosmos is pervaded by the power of dignity

Imagining the immensity of space, contemplating the beauty of nature, or acknowledging the uniqueness of every human being gives me a golden sensation. My heart tells me that all this amounts to a miracle that is more than me alone. And of course all of this out there has an inherent beauty, an inner core that resides in All That Is.


Despite all the complexity, the universe is united by a common denominator:Would. Dignity is the gravitation of living beings. It permeates them and connects everything, just as gravity flows through the entire cosmos and holds it together. Without gravity there would be no existence in the universe - and neither would there be without dignity.

The power of dignity ensures that all parts of existence unite, that they are given the ability to interact. Gravity permeates space-time and is able to mediate between dimensions. This is exactly what dignity does:It mediates and connects individual entities in all dimensions. She unites us.So no entity is superior to the other.


For the truly ethical person, all life is sacred, even that which, from the human point of view, seems to us to be inferior.

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Humans, animals and nature are equal

From the dignity of all entities follows their equality. In addition, from a neutral philosophical point of view, there is no reason why humans, animals and nature differ in value.


Humans discriminate against nature based on speciesism and physical power over nature. These are primitive arguments. They are subjective and stupid. They express the arrogance and narrow-mindedness of the stronger. The argumentation is arbitrary, devoid of any logic and ethical concepts, stemming from an overbearing winner's mentality.

I demand the legal equality of humans, animals and nature (animate and inanimate). The animals and nature need constitutional and civil rights as well as creation of a nature parliament.

Principle of Technological Ecocracy

I support human progress and the preservation of technological civilization. However, only under the condition that this does not harm nature in any way. This commandment governs Technological Ecocracy. 



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