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"The job of the wise is to foresee the catastrophe. The job of the brave is to face the coming catastrophe".
 (651-570 BC) is attributed to the 7 wise men of antiquity

Grischa Eichfuss​

Philosopher & environmental activist​

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solution to climate change

The Paris climate agreement has failed. We have to act immediately, not just when the catastrophe hits. That's too late!

All countries must start immediately to massively save energy and water. Both should be rationed at night

3. CDR & Regional Contracts

Networks  of CDR systems (Carrbon Direct Removal) and regional climate agreements are to be set up immediately worldwide. 


People have to limit their consumption-intensive lifestyle.  This requires comfort and luxury.

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The failure of the Paris climate agreement

Unfortunately, the historic climate agreement of 2015 in Paris does not work in practice. Greenhouse gas emissions have continued to rise since 2015, albeit not as massively as from where. However, this is of no use, because the values have to be halved in order to achieve the (super)vital climate targets for 2030. The world had 15 years to do that.


Almost nothing has been done for 8 years. Numbers don't lie! Now everything would have to be done in 7 years, for which 15 years (2015 - 2030) were planned.

You don't have to be an Einstein to realize that this won't work!

Reasons for the failure of Paris

The biggest emitters of CO2 are not fulfilling their obligations


The industrialized countries do not comply with the Paris climate agreement:

  • The industrial heavyweights USA, Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Korea areClimate change performance performance (CCPI) in the orderimplementation of the Paris Climate Agreement rated “Very Low” overall.

  • All major CO2 generators (except for the EU, India and UK) are included in the categoriesReduce greenhouse gases andFulfillment of the Paris climate agreementrated "Very Low".

  • Most industrialized countriesAccording to the Climate Action Tracker (CAT),   are neither making their fair contribution nor are they on the way to the 1.5°C target


It is not realistic that the main contributors within 7 years fromVery lowonHighorVery  Highclimb

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Our time is up


In order to achieve the 1.5 degree climate target by 2030:

  • CO2 emissions are halved

  • 5 times as much greenhouse gases are saved worldwide as has been the case up to now

  • China, USA, EU, Brazil, Japan and Russia produce 8x as little CO2 as before

  • the annual emissions of all greenhouse gases  are reduced by more than 45 billion tons


Realistically, this cannot be achieved within 7 years.

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The climate agreement is too slow and overambitious



30 years of experience in dealing with global warming shows that much is said, warned, written and promised, but in the end, given what is at stake, little is done..

We should admit that the historic Paris climate agreement is not working in practice hat

Why is that important?

So that additional funds can be started in good time by 2030 achieve the climate goals:

  1. Wglobal networks binding regional climate agreements achieve more as states and people are much more motivated when protecting their homes

  • Large-scale deployment of CDR systems that extract CO2 from the air

  • Massive energy savings. 

  • Ban on CO2 heavy events

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On the way to self-extinction


The total greenhouse gas emissions amount to more than 60 billion tons per year. Based on this, by the end of the century the average surface temperature will be 3.5C higher than before 1850.  The oceans make up most of the earth's surface. Since much less warming is to be expected here, this lowers the average of the expected temperature. Depending on the region, this means a temperature increase of

5C to 10C.

This means the end of all life on the surface of the earth

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